Organic Deortegas extra virgin olive oil

World-Renowned Quality

Deortegas olive oil is a quality leader in the market (and has been for many years), having won prestigious awards from around the world - including the U.S., Italy, Japan, Germany, China, Argentina, and the U.K.  The Deortegas have worked hard for many years to continually craft an extra virgin olive oil that wins top awards which places their olive oil among the best in the world.  


World's Healthiest Olive Oil!


The Deortegas Cornicabra has been awarded Worlds Best Healthy EVOO.  Ten extra virgin olive oils were selected out of this competition and the Deortegas was in this select group.  


History - Organic and Sustainable

Deortegas (Almazara Deortegas) is a generations-old family owned and operated olive farm located in Yecla (Southeastern Spain). The Ortegas have long committed to organic and sustainable farming (over 18 years), and everything they take from the land they recycle:

~ olive residues and tree prunings are mixed with natural manure, fertilizing the olive groves organically.

~ olive pits are used as fuel to provide heating and hot water in the olive mill.

~ olive leaves are collected and fed to the livestock.


Rigorous Production Process

The Ortegas grow, harvest, and press their olives on-site on their farm. When the olives are ready they are picked and cold-pressed on the same day. The Ortegas only bottle their olive oil as orders come in, preserving the freshness of each batch.



Recent Awards


96 Points - Flos Olei Guide       best extra virgin olive oil 2016

Gold Medal - Olive Oil Japan 2016

Prestige Gold.  Terraoliva. Israel 2016

Gold Medal - New York Intl Olive Oil Comp. 2015

Gold Medal - China Olive 2015

Gold Medal - Biol Organic, Italy 2015

....and many more top awards from previous years