Senorios de Relleu premium extra virgin olive oil

World-Renowned Quality


Senorios de Relleu has won awards from around the world -- the U.S., Japan, Italy, Germany, France, and many in Spain. All these awards demonstrate that Senorios de Relleu is in a small select group of premium extra virgin olive oils! 


A Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Manzanilla Villalonga, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Alfafara, Genovesa, Picual, Arbequina.  These are the different olives expertly blended together in a "coupage" that produces a complex oil with a fresh flavor that is incredibly balanced.  The unique blend of these olives makes Senorios de Rellu a one-of-a-kind extra virgin olive oil that you will not find anywhere else.



History, Quality Control, and Sustainability

Senorios de Relleu is a young company with a long family history of olive growers dating back to 1918. Their olive grove, near Alicante, Spain, is nestled in a valley a few miles from the Mediterranean Sea, providing a unique mountainous environment close to the sea. Their olives are grown on the estate, then picked and pressed on the same day, with a watchful eye carefully controlling the process to ensure high quality extra virgin olive oil every time.  The EVOO is stored in stainless steel containers and bottled on demand to preserve its flavor and prevent deterioration. Maintaining sustainable practices is a must, and Senorios use their surplus olive paste from the milling process to make a compost to fertilize their olive trees. 

1,000 Year Old Olive Tree.


Every bottle of Senorios de Relleu EVOO includes pressed olives from these ancient trees on their estate. 

Recent Awards

  • 93 Points. Flos Olei (Italy) Guide to best EVOO.  2017.
  • 2 Stars. Great Taste Award. England. 2017
  • Gold Medal.  New York International Olive Oil Competition. 2016
  • 94 Points.  Evooleum:  world's 100 top extra virgin olive oils.  2016
  • 96 Points and title of "Best Oil in Spain" - Guide to Wines and Oils. Semana Vitivinicola 2015.
  • 150 Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supreme quality in the world - Expoliva: V International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jean. May 2015
  • Gourmet Olio 2015 Prize - German Der Feinschmecker magazine, May 2015
  • Gold Medal - Olive Japan Competition 2014
  • .... and many more awards from previous years